Charles G. Miller Auditorium

Administrative Guide to Official Operators

How the Official Operator System works.

Since the auditorium's use is primarily seminars, most speakers are new to the facility. Graduate students from each department are trained as "official operators" to help speakers with the operation of the equipment and assistance in the housekeeping chores. Each seminar speaker will be paired with an officially trained operator (grad student) for her presentation. The assignment of official operator to each presentation is done by the departmental contact person when she makes the reservation. The reservationist ensures that this is done.

To get official operators in the first place, each departmental contact selects two to four grad students who are interested in this activity. Each departmental contact person coordinates with the official trainer to arrange for a training time for new operators. The training is done on site. The official trainer provides the final list of "official operators" to the reservationist and the departmental contacts.

Someone from that list must be paired with each meeting in the auditorium. If the presenter needs training or wants someone else to run the presentation, the official operator would do that. This usually means that the official operator needs to meet with the presenter well ahead of the presentation time to work through this with them.

Departmental Contacts

Dept Name Phone Email
Biochem Cara Day 3-2013
CDB Elaine Rodgers 5-5511
Entomology TBD
MCB Teresa Bice 0-0419
Micro Diane Tsevelekos
MIP Kari Zamberletti
Plant Bio Rayme Dorsey 3-3261
SIB Staci Sears 3-3044


The reservationist has several sets of keys to loan out to presenters. See Teresa Bice, (217)-300-0419 in 393 Morrill. Also each Life Sciences department has a set of keys for the auditorium.

Keys may be picked up just before your reservation and should be returned right after the presentation during regular work hours.

One key is for the Auditorium's outer doors. The other key is for the projection room door, B102a. One key is for the kitchenette, B114. Another key is for the building's outside door.

Room Hours

The equipment in the auditorium is secured 24 hours a day every day. Additional surveillance is used at nights. Therefore, the room is OFF LIMITS from 9:00 p.m. until 7:30 a.m.

You should not use the facility unless you are scheduled for it. This eliminates conflicts and ensures you won't set off the alarm.