Charles G. Miller Auditorium

How to Select a Computer as a Video Source

As we have only one video projector, we can display video from only one computer at a time. The computer cabinet contains one Windows and one Mac computer. There is a video cable and an audio cable available at the podium to plug into a laptop computer.

To select one of these computers as the video source:

  1. Locate the Avocent switcher in the lower right side of the computer cabinet.
  2. Note that it has three switches labelled:
    LAP (laptop on podium)
  3. Press the button of the Avocent switcher corresponding to your choice of computer.
  4. This does two things:
    • It connects the video of the computer you selected to the input of the A/V system.
    • It connects the monitor and keyboard on the cabinet to the selected computer (unless it is a laptop, then only the monitor is connected)
  5. Turn on the computer.
    • For the PC, press the "On" button on the CPU center front panel and it will boot up in Windows.
    • For the Mac, press the "On" button on the CPU left front panel and it will boot up in Mac OS X.
  6. Use the touchpanel to select Computer.
  7. From the touchpanel's Computer Menu, select Stage Main.

If the video projector is on, your computer's video should now be on screen. If not on, the projector can be turned on from the MainMenu of the touchpanel.

If the projected image is not satisfactory, press the "Auto Sync" key on the touch panel. This should properly scale and synchronize the video signal from the computer to the projector.

Elmo overhead setup
System Shutdown
Touchpad Main Menu