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Kimberly J. Anderson

Research Specialist (PI: Dr. Andrew Belmont)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Specialist, Cell and Developmental Biology

Recent Publications

Sonam, S., Bangru, S., Perry, K. J., Chembazhi, U. V., Kalsotra, A., & Henry, J. J. (2022). Cellular and molecular profiles of larval and adult Xenopus corneal epithelia resolved at the single-cell level. Developmental Biology, 491, 13-30.

Henry, J. Q., Lesoway, M. P., & Perry, K. J. (2020). An automated aquatic rack system for rearing marine invertebrates. BMC biology, 18(1), [46].

Lyons, D. C., Perry, K. J., Batzel, G., & Henry, J. Q. (2020). BMP signaling plays a role in anterior-neural/head development, but not organizer activity, in the gastropod Crepidula fornicata. Developmental Biology, 463(2), 135-157.

Henry, J. J., Perry, K. J., & Hamilton, P. W. (2019). Ex vivo eye tissue culture methods for xenopus. Cold Spring Harbor protocols, 2019(4), 274-278.

Henry, J. J., Perry, K. J., & Hamilton, P. W. (2019). Methods for examining lens regeneration in xenopus. Cold Spring Harbor protocols, 2019(4), 268-273.

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In the news

  • Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have generated the first comprehensive cellular map of the cornea in a frog species at early and adult developmental stages. Their findings could lead to the improvement of therapeutic treatments for diseases and dystrophies that effect...