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Journal of Cell Biology

Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) is an international peer-reviewed journal owned by The Rockefeller University and published by Rockefeller University Press.

'New player in town:’ Researchers uncover new organelle and its role in epithelial homeostasis

Researchers from the University of Illinois School of Molecular & Cellular Biology have discovered that functions of a new motorized organelle challenge the existing model of epithelial homeostasis. The project, six years in the making, was led by Vivian Tang, Research Assistant Professor in...

Researchers examine the biological role of epigenetic regulator Brd4 in inflammasome activation

Inflammasomes play a critical role in the innate cellular immune response to pathogen infection. The inflammasome, a cytosolic multiprotein complex, recognizes substrates produced during infection or tissue damage, and triggers an inflammatory response by releasing the proinflammatory cytokine IL-...

Tyramide signal amplification mass spectrometry (TSA-MS) ratio identifies nuclear speckle proteins

Proximity labeling of cell structures followed by mass spectrometry has become an increasingly popular proteomics approach to identify what proteins localize to different cell structures. In practice, however, results are typically confusing, with long lists of hundreds of proteins identified,...

Nuclear speckle contact amplifies gene expression

Recent work from the Laboratory in Cell and Developmental Biology was featured in the Journal of Cell Biology.

Helping epithelial cells stand tall

Many epithelial tissues are classified as being squamous, cuboidal, or columnar based upon the height of their lateral membranes. CDB researchers Yuou Wang and Bill Brieher identified a protein known as CD2AP as a key factor necessary for building up the lateral membrane.