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Meet Edward Andrews

Hello! I am Eddie Andrews (he/him), a senior majoring in MCB Honors currently applying to MD/PhD programs. I am also earning a certificate in microbiology and a minor in chemistry. On campus, I am passionate about research and work in Dr. Whitaker's laboratory, where I study antimicrobial resistance and the co-evolutionary dynamics of microbes and their mobile genetic elements. This past year, we examined several E. coli samples isolated from pigs on a farm to gain insight into how plasmids and AMR genes spread throughout a population. I have also worked for several years at USDA NCAUR in Peoria under Dr. Ramirez and Mrs. Goett. With a focus on crop bioprotection, I assist in the development and improvement of microbial insecticides concerning production, stability, and cost. In addition to research, I love teaching and mentoring and am excited to continue being a general chemistry TA this fall. Outside of school, I enjoy pursuing my goal of a career in medicine by working as an EMT-B. I currently volunteer throughout my local community and hope to continue working on campus. In my free time, I love to stay involved with music by playing the cymbals, saxophone, and piano. During the summer, I play alto saxophone in the Pekin Municipal Band and work as a cymbal tech at my former high school. As an underclassman, I participated as a mentee in this program and had an excellent experience with my mentor. Now a mentor myself, I hope to have this same impact on others and am happy to help in any capacity I can--feel free to reach out!