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Meet Joel Ryan

Hello! My name is Joel Ryan (he/him), a senior double majoring in MCB Honors and Chemistry with a minor in Psychology and a certificate in Neuroscience. I currently work in a behavioral neuroscience lab under Dr. Nu-Chu Liang where we are investigating the effects of social isolation on the food intake of rats. I have also researched in a past summer for SIU under Dr. Ben Richardson performing behavioral assays on mice. Furthermore, I did a two-week study abroad program in Costa Rica where we conducted natural products research at Universidad de Costa Rica. On campus, I spend my time teaching as a CHEM 101 TA, and in the past I have been a CHEM 104 TA, CHEM 232 SI, and MCB 151 prep staff. Additionally, I am a board member of two RSOs. I am the Director of Development of MEDLIFE, a volunteering RSO that focuses on addressing community medicine, education, and development. I am also the Treasurer of Illini Democrats, a partisan organization that meets to discuss policy, encourage voter registration, and promote democratic campaigns. Recreationally, I play trumpet in the Springfield municipal band and enjoy casual games of tennis, ping pong, and spike ball. Career-wise, I am a pre-medicine student interested in the fields of neurology and/or pharmacology currently applying to MD-PhD programs. I am very excited to share my experiences and advice with any and all mentees. I look forward to meeting you!