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Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB)

School of MCB hiring faculty

The School of Molecular & Cellular Biology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is hiring faculty in several of our departments.

College of LAS announces named scholars

Several professors, including two from the School of MCB's Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, have recently received named scholar positions for their contributions to research, education, and the academic mission of the College of LAS.

Meet MCB: Undergraduate student awarded Boren Scholarship

Three students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have been awarded David L. Boren Scholarships, including MCB major Brendan Rattin. The National Security Education Program selects students to add international and language components to their education by studying overseas in world...

Prasanth lab uncovers new insights into the role of Orc6 in the maintenance of genome integrity

New research from Supriya Prasanth’s lab at the University of Illinois provides tremendous insight into the role of the smallest subunit of the human ORC, Orc6. Although the ORC is conserved in all eukaryotes, Orc6 is the most evolutionarily diverged. In a recent study published in PNAS, the...

Meet MCB: Alumni In-Hyun Park

In-Hyun Park gets at the genetic roots of Rett syndrome using iPS cells.

Meet MCB: Alumna Anne Carpenter

Anne Carpenter received her PhD in cell and developmental biology from Illinois in 2003 (under the name Anne Nye).

Merck researcher's career launched at the same time as CDB

Alfred Reszka’s future was intertwined with the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology in ways he never could have predicted when he came to the University of Illinois in the 1980s. Reszka was one of the first graduate students in the new department, and the connections he made in CDB laid...

Meet MCB: Team Players

The Prasanths began a new life as postdoctoral researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. And today, as University of Illinois CDB professors, they continue to work side by side — literally. Their respective labs are next to each other in the Chemical and Life Sciences Building,...

Meet MCB: Neal Kitchen, PhD 2009

When Neal Kitchen joined the department of cell and developmental biology in 2002, his plan was to get a PhD and then find a job with a company that would pay for an MBA program. But just as he neared graduation, the financial crisis of 2007-2008 took the wind out of the job market. “There were a...

Researchers determine Pol III “identity” as important regulatory mechanism and likely disease factor in cancer

Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Stanford University School of Medicine have identified a link between RNA polymerase III subunit composition and transcription, an advancement that has potential implications for future cancer research. Their findings were published in...