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One of the great strengths of the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology is how we work together to achieve extraordinary things. MCB scientists and scientists-in-training are propelling foundational and translational research. Instructors are constantly innovating to provide a rigorous education and to empower students. Our alumni, corporate partners, and friends who provide financial support are crucial partners in helping to accelerate these achievements.

GIVE to Unconventional Wisdom: Spotting HIV in the Blood

A mysterious ailment struck Deborah Paul’s younger brother, Tim, in 1982, when lymph glands all over his body suddenly became swollen. He recovered, but it took two years for doctors to finally figure out what had triggered the problem. In 1984, Paul’s brother developed pneumocystis pneumonia—a...

Collegial environment set alum up for success

Over the years, Westcott has come back to Illinois to teach six-week courses in biochemistry and gives seminars on working in the pharmaceutical industry to incoming students. His donations have supported several fellowships for graduate students in biochemistry, and Westcott makes it a point when...

Meet MCB: Alumni David and Julie Mead

The Meads made a $1 million contribution this year for graduate scholarships and an endowed chair in Molecular and Integrative Physiology.

Biotech leader reflects on his career, extends support for next generation of innovators

From helping bring a powerful, first-in-class HIV treatment to market to his most recent position as the CEO and co-owner of a preclinical contract research organization, Michael Recny (PhD, biochemistry, ’83) has paved a successful career path in the biotechnology industry, a field that was just...

Alumna and pioneering scientist Carrol Foxall establishes fellowship for undergraduates pursuing summer research

Carrol Foxall and her husband, fellow Illinois graduate Robert Foxall, recently established a new Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to support students in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology on their journeys to becoming well-rounded scholars.

Liqian Ma awarded Mead Graduate Fellowship

The University of Illinois School of Molecular and Cellular Biology is pleased to announce the inaugural recipient of the Julie and David Mead Graduate Fellowship.

Love, science, and a drink remedy for space travel

A unique and lifelong pursuit of knowledge for Carol Greenleaf and her late husband, John, began at Illinois.

Interview with Ann Nardulli, 1949-2018

Prof. Ann Nardulli, an endocrinologist and cherished MIP faculty member, passed away on June 27, 2018. To honor Ann’s memory, we present excerpts of a conversation between Ann and Assistant Prof. Catherine Christian, conducted in September 2016 on the occasion of her retirement.

Private funding continues to provide a large number of scholarships to both domestic and international students.

The School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) is a pivotal center for biomedical research on campus, and our program attracts more funding than any other unit in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Our energetic, top-notch graduate students and faculty, and high caliber research projects...

James Spudich Receives a 2016 Alumni Achievement Award for his groundbreaking research on how we move

Spudich has made his mark with pioneering discoveries on molecular motors—the tiny powerhouses responsible for movement at the cellular level. For this research, he has won a 2016 Alumni Achievement Award—one in a long line of honors. He also won the prestigious Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research...