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Support & Resources


All programs will have a predeparture meeting led by MCB staff. At this meeting, you will be able to meet the other students in your cohort, and will be able to ask detailed questions about coursework, housing, and any other questions you may have about your program abroad. Depending on which program you've been accepted to, you may also have a meeting led by LAS International Programs staff. All students who go abroad are required to take LAS 291 and 292. These two courses seek to introduce students to having global perspectives while abroad, as well as how to articulate your experience abroad upon returning to your home country.

Passport & Visa Information

It is your responsibility to obtain a visa. Please refer here to learn about the visa requirements for your international travel. More information will be provided at your program meeting. You will also receive documentation to support your visa application (confirmation of international insurance, proof of enrollment, etc.).


The McKinley Health Center offers information from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and immunizations for students traveling internationally. Please consult McKinley Health Center's website to learn more about vaccine recommendations and to make an appointment.

Getting Help From Embassies

Refer to for information regarding the location(s) of US embassies and consulates in the area where you will be studying. Consular services may be of use to you as a US citizen in case of emergency, loss of passport, etc. Here is more information regarding what the State Department can and cannot do to help you during an emergency.